Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's a new year....and I'm back in business!

OK, let me explain.....
Not that I was ever OUT of business, but for the last year I have been working with my friend Brandi, who is the brain child behind Rodeo Royalty Road Show.
I had some of PIX UP STIX items in the RRRS booths, brandi's stuff took up a lot of room, just kidding, she was kind enough to share space with me.
We are both outgrowing that space. The RRRS brand is growing in leaps and bounds.
So the most logical thing to do was get a space next to hers.
Drum roll please.....
consisitng of,
Pix Up Stix,
Darlah Mulloy (who does beautiful handmade jewelry)
and The Dannar Clan
will be in a tent directly behind the Zapp Hall in Zapp Field, for the Spring Warrenton/Round Top Antique Show.

Friday, February 22, 2013

RECAP 2012.....

WOW! It's been almost a year since I've posted. My how time flies!
  I've been working with Brandi from Rodeo Royalty Road Show, and has it been one busy year. I live in Florida, but spent half the year either in Texas, with Brandi and her family or on the road, with the Road Show.
Here's a recap:
March and April,
The Spring Warrenton show at Marketplace and Zapp Hall.
A hard and busy 10 days after the Spring show, getting the 5H Harper Hacienda ready for the TLC tv show, Four Houses, which Brandi won her episode.
A week trip home, on a plane, thank you Baby Jesus(and Kevin and Brandi), during taping.
Back for the Country Living Magazine Show in Austin, this was a blast! AND I got to meet Brent Ridge from The Beekman 1802 Boys. He's Awesome.
2 trips to Canton Trade Days, I had never been before.
In May, a buying trip to Brimfield, with Kevin and Brandi, (my first time there too and it was so much fun!)
and a drive into Cambridge for dinner with my baby bro and his new bride and her awesome parents. (Once again, thank you Kevin and Brandi).
June, a long drive home, for an even longer drive to Minnesota, for a few weeks on the Hubby's family farm.
In August, I lost a piece of my heart, our 13 yr old pitt bull, my girl Gretchen.
In September, back to Texas, to work in the Studio for a few weeks before heading back to Warrenton for the Fall Show.
2 BIG booths, Marketplace and Zapp Hall.
October, Back home to Florida to hang out with "MY BOYS" (dad  and the hubs).
In December I headed to Las Vegas for the Wrangler NFR(National Finals Rodeo).
Once again we had 2 booths, 1 at The Sands Expo center and 1 at Mandalay Bay.
Home for the Holidays.
In between, I ate, drank, laughed and cried, cussed and yelled, filled and refilled RX's.....
AND thanked GOD for all these experiences and for giving me breath in this life.
2012 was a pretty good year.
2013 is going to be even better!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I should change the name of my blog to IT'S TEXAS TIME AGAIN...because lately that seems like the only thing I blog about.

The famous "TEXAS" sign at Marburger Farms.

So the Spring show is fast approaching.

I hit the road on Monday, March 19th, headed West, making my way to "The Greatest Show on Dirt".

I'm sure Debbie  at Talking Trash won't mind me using that, since I will be a field neighbor to her this time at Zapp Hall.

This is Sweetie Pie, Debbie's "alter-ego" displaying how we all feel, well at least I know I do, after a long hard day "in the field".

This show will be a little different for me.

I won't be setting up at The Texas Rose like I had been at my previous shows.

Now, don't think I won't be down there bugging the crap out of, visiting with my friends Andrea, at The Cajun Cottage , and Randy, "The" Jersey Picker,


I will be, DOWN ON MY KNEES, BEGGING, Vicki to make me some of the most gorgeous HOT PINK soup I have ever seen.

Creamy beet with roasted pepper creme' fraiche. when I first heard the word BEET, I was like no way, not this girl, YUCK!

But then, I opened my mind and my mouth and the Angels sang......DELISH!

I die-gress.....back to the show.

I will be working with the MULTI-TALENTED Brandi Harper of

Brandi usually sets up at The Marketplace,
which she will do again this show.

BUT, we are also going to set up at ZAPP HALL!

I am so  freaking excited!!!!!!

Things I will do this show:

Stalk Shop Marburger Farms

Eat plenty O' Royer's Cafe pie,
which by the way is made by one of my friends Bobbi,
whose couch, floor, yard I will be sleeping on in.

Just kidding.....she said I could come in if it RAINS!

make new friends at Zapp Hall
bug the crap out of   visit with old ones.

And whatever the HELL else I want to do.

All while working on my best pair of "GROCERY STORE FEET"!


Look out Round Top here I come.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Look out TEXAS, here I come!

I'm getting excited to leave, but I still have so much to do,  i'm a little stressed.

Normal, right?

I will be leaving on Thursday, sometime. I have a few stops planned, visiting with some friends and family along the way.

I will arrive at  THE TEXAS ROSE  field on Tuesday the 13th. 

I won't be bringing  a big load this time, 'cause this season i'll be working in the Texas Rose Cafe.
Come by and see me, Vicki has some DE-LISH food on the menu.

And don't forget that Monday, September 26th, is our late nite shopping, with wine and goodies.

We have some AWESOME VENDORS in our field.  Hector the Collector and Susie set up in the big tent out front, and we all know they have AWESOME stuff.

 Randy, our 'Jersey Picker' will be back again this season, and he is definately worth a visit.

And in the big building, we have the Linen Ladies, beautiful clothes and jewelry, of course there is Vicki and Walt, with all their awesome stuff.

I am looking forward to T's Blog Party,  the Junk Gypsy's Prom, and going across the street to Marburger Farms.

If you don't see me at the CAFE or one of these other places, I will most likely be hanging out with my friend Brandi, who owns Rodeo Royalty Road Show.  She sets up at The MarketPlace, just a short walk down from Zapp Hall.

If you have never been to her space, you should definately check it out.

She is SOOO creative, she uses a vintage travel trailer as her dressing room. Her whole set up reminds me of a 1950's era trailer court.  SO COOL!

Ok, so I better get busy.
See you all soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


WOW! It has been 4 months since I last blogged.
      Time sure flies....blah, blah, blah.
I know I promised pictures of the Spring RoundTop show, well my camera, let's just say ...IT HATES ME.
And I am too lazy to go steal, I mean BORROW, pictures from my sue me!

Ok so I have been super busy.
We painted the exterior of our house, have been working on the kitchen renovation, (NEVER ENDING)......
Yard work, I have to give Hubby the credit for that, cause MAN HAS IT BEEN HOTTT!

Saturday FARMER'S Markets, Gallery nights, and Art Nights on the Bayfront.

Painting, wiring, re-wiring, and building things for our booth.

I have been on a few trips, picking up things here and there, AND
still working with a few race teams.

Is it NAP TIME yet?

I will be back, soon, I want to share my new obsession with you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm home, and it's crazy around here.........

Ok, so I'm home...........

for now.

Round Top was AWESOME!
I LOVE my new TEXAS ROSE family,

I met alot and I mean alot of GREAT people, and have alot of great things on the horizon.

It was definately a WILD RIDE!

Now it's just where do I fit everything.  

I will be back soon with the whole story and some pictures too.

I'm sure most some of them will be jacked I mean borrowed from some of my new blogging friends.

See you soon...........

Thursday, March 10, 2011


5 days till take-off!

Lists made - check

Oil change - Friday

New tires on trailer - Friday

Painting, staining, building, rebuilding, cleaning - in progress

Piles of stuff everywhere - CHECK!

Van and trailer loaded - are you sure that's gonna fit?

Prom Dress - It's around here somewhere

Attitude - I can't wait to get there, woo hoo!

I will be selling at TEXAS ROSE located across the street from Marburger Farms.

Come see me.

I will be attending Theresa's Blog Party and of course the Junk Gypsy Prom!

See you there!

Thursday, January 27, 2011



And I WILL have a Great Day!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have had a very busy taxing 6 weeks or so.
  My "Granny" became very ill after Thanksgiving and passed away on December 22nd,  although we {my extended family and I} were sad that she passed away, we celebrated her life in a big way.

Christmas was always her favorite time of year.

We ate, drank a few glasses of wine, told stories, ate some more, laughed and cried.

My dad has also not been feeling well lately, he is 81, and had hernia surgery on the 28th.
I lost my mom in April of 2000, she was 69, so when my dad feels down, I kinda freak out a little.

I am run down.

My body aches and my mind is tired.
 I have huge feelings of guilt.
I am angry.
I cry alot.
I long for something I do not have, but what I do not know.
Peace within?
How do I get there?

I am going to take some time away, hibernate,
I will continue to visit all of you, it helps me to visit.

It takes my mind,
 for awhile,
somewhere else.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I know I have been absent for quite some time....haven't really felt like blogging. 
 Haven't really felt like doing much of anything.

  Life is not always what you want it to be, but I have learned it is what you make it. I have, as of late, also learned some hard life lessons. 

This blog was not intended for personal banter, but for a "Junking Journal", but  I guess this is "what happens in between". 

 I have decided to make some changes in my life and put myself first, for probably the first time in my life.

 I have always done for others, and worried about what others thought of me. I have come to the conclusion that if someone has an issue with me, its not my problem, it is theirs, and I need to move on from that situation.

I know alot of people, but have only a few true friends. And just because someone is your family, that it doesn't mean they will always be there for you. 

And that is ok, I will LOVE you anyway.

I will always be here for you.......when you are ready.

I  follow blogs  that make me smile, laugh, cry,  go "oh that's a great idea, I should try that",  "the pretty blogs", the blogs that INSPIRE AND ENCOURGE me.

Usually I go straight to the photos and generally just glance over the editorials.

But lately I have been drawn to the words and emotions.

I want to GIVE THANKS to ANNEANNE MARIE  and MEL for drawing me to your words and emotions.


I want to GIVE THANKS for the LOVED ones that I will be spending Thanksgiving Day with, and that I promise not to yell at the TV during the football game.

OK, OK I'll try not to yell at the TV during the football game!

I want to GIVE THANKS that I don't have to get up at the crack of.....geez what time do the stores open?....on Friday, to fight all the "crazies" for that $299? 96? inch plasma flat screen TV.

I want to GIVE THANKS for that cup or 2 of coffee that I will enjoy tomorrow morning, and for the Hubby who will put the pot on.

I want to GIVE THANKS for the COURAGE that I have found to do what is best for me, and for the STRENGTH that I will need to stick to the program. 

And I want to GIVE THANKS for the hand of GOD, which has pointed me in the right direction. 

What will YOU GIVE THANKS for? 

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!