Friday, February 22, 2013

RECAP 2012.....

WOW! It's been almost a year since I've posted. My how time flies!
  I've been working with Brandi from Rodeo Royalty Road Show, and has it been one busy year. I live in Florida, but spent half the year either in Texas, with Brandi and her family or on the road, with the Road Show.
Here's a recap:
March and April,
The Spring Warrenton show at Marketplace and Zapp Hall.
A hard and busy 10 days after the Spring show, getting the 5H Harper Hacienda ready for the TLC tv show, Four Houses, which Brandi won her episode.
A week trip home, on a plane, thank you Baby Jesus(and Kevin and Brandi), during taping.
Back for the Country Living Magazine Show in Austin, this was a blast! AND I got to meet Brent Ridge from The Beekman 1802 Boys. He's Awesome.
2 trips to Canton Trade Days, I had never been before.
In May, a buying trip to Brimfield, with Kevin and Brandi, (my first time there too and it was so much fun!)
and a drive into Cambridge for dinner with my baby bro and his new bride and her awesome parents. (Once again, thank you Kevin and Brandi).
June, a long drive home, for an even longer drive to Minnesota, for a few weeks on the Hubby's family farm.
In August, I lost a piece of my heart, our 13 yr old pitt bull, my girl Gretchen.
In September, back to Texas, to work in the Studio for a few weeks before heading back to Warrenton for the Fall Show.
2 BIG booths, Marketplace and Zapp Hall.
October, Back home to Florida to hang out with "MY BOYS" (dad  and the hubs).
In December I headed to Las Vegas for the Wrangler NFR(National Finals Rodeo).
Once again we had 2 booths, 1 at The Sands Expo center and 1 at Mandalay Bay.
Home for the Holidays.
In between, I ate, drank, laughed and cried, cussed and yelled, filled and refilled RX's.....
AND thanked GOD for all these experiences and for giving me breath in this life.
2012 was a pretty good year.
2013 is going to be even better!


  1. I saw a photo on Pinterest of a pair of cowboy boots with roller skates attached and thought of you! Well, I thought of me first, but they didn't come in orthopedic.
    Hope to see you at the shows.

    1. Too funny Deb! I'm pretty sure I would need the orthopedic ones too! And you will DEFINITELY see me at the shows.

  2. ...and it's time for Texas again. See you soon.

    1. Yes it is Theresa! Thanks for the reminder. LOL! See YOU soon.