Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have had a very busy taxing 6 weeks or so.
  My "Granny" became very ill after Thanksgiving and passed away on December 22nd,  although we {my extended family and I} were sad that she passed away, we celebrated her life in a big way.

Christmas was always her favorite time of year.

We ate, drank a few glasses of wine, told stories, ate some more, laughed and cried.

My dad has also not been feeling well lately, he is 81, and had hernia surgery on the 28th.
I lost my mom in April of 2000, she was 69, so when my dad feels down, I kinda freak out a little.

I am run down.

My body aches and my mind is tired.
 I have huge feelings of guilt.
I am angry.
I cry alot.
I long for something I do not have, but what I do not know.
Peace within?
How do I get there?

I am going to take some time away, hibernate,
I will continue to visit all of you, it helps me to visit.

It takes my mind,
 for awhile,
somewhere else.

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