Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have been very busy the last few weeks. Besides being a hopeless junker, (and bringing home a truck load of "stuff" everytime I come home from a road trip) I also work for motorcycle drag racing teams and am a promotor. I have a huge race coming up in September in San Antonio, TX. I have been working on this race since last November.

My Hubby and I travel the country with our race teams from Feburary through October. We go to some great places and occasionally I get to make a few stops along the way to look for "junk", but not as much as I would like too.

The Spring Round Top fell during a time that there was no race, so I went for a few days with a friend of mine from Louisiana. I had a great time.


The Hubby and I have been working on projects in hopes of being able to go and sell at the Fall show. I will definately go, only if it is to "look for more ideas". That is code for 'shop and try to hide it from Hubby" .....HAHAHA!

I have also been in constant contact with the Hubby's sister, who lives on the FAMILY's CENTURY OLD DAIRY FARM in Northern Minnesota.

Times are tough and the "working" farm has come to a hault.

Last Sunday and Monday all of the cows went to the sale barn.

Even though I hadn't spent much time there, I am heartbroken. I know that more animals can be purchased at a later date, but when I got an email with pictures of the kids favorite cows, I lost it.

That is DOLLY, ANGEL and GYPSY.{top to bottom.}

So I have been a bit emotional lately and the Hubby thinks i'm crazy.
I'm the "city girl" {in his opinion} with no concept of "REAL farm living".

But, I have been trying to keep up with the more that 125 blogs that I follow. I am sure that it takes up more of my time than it really needs to, but it is my outlet. They are all done so beautifully and inspire me to create more.
So for that I want to thank you all.

Tomorrow, WE are off to North Carolina for a few days {going to one of the race shops} and then to Bristol, TN for our race this weekend. I love, love, love this part of our great country! Hopefully, I will be reuniting with an old high school friend, {you know the kind that you don't talk to or see for 20 years and it's like you just saw them yesterday} and doing a little JUNKING!

So, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I will catch up with you soon.

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