Friday, August 20, 2010

5 weeks and counting.....

Ok so that big race in San Antonio is coming up in 3 weeks and I have a ton to do beforehand, But..........

all I can think about is ROUNDTOP ANTIQUES WEEK!

A few photos I took at the Spring 2010 show: I am not sure where the first one is from, but I absolutely love it. The second is from Texas Rose and the third of course is Royers Cafe.

I only spent a few days there in the Spring, and did not see near as much as I wanted to.
So this time I will be spending at least a week and taking in alot more. I will be staying with one of my 'BLOGLAND' friends, attending a blog party and the Junk Gypsies Prom for sure. {I meet some great folks at Zapp Hall last year. "Stackin em deep and sellin em cheap" Kirk for one.}
Eating some Royers Cafe pie and drinking some margaritas is definately on the agenda.

And going to the Marburger Farms show, is a must!

I can't wait to get there, heck i'm already picking out my "outfits".

So I hope to see some familiar faces and meet lots of new folks.....SEE YOU THERE!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing in the Round Top ~ and MARBURGER FARM Love!!! Hope to see you there!! I'll be in touch soon... xofancy, Cactus Creek

  2. I am so ready!!! Come see me at Zapp Hall.

  3. Hi & thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi!!
    Guess what...
    I'm going to go go the festival for the very 1st time this Sept!!! I'm so darn excited about it...I'm sure i think about it daily, at least.
    I hope we run into to each other, I'm having a tshirt made that says..vintagesusie & wings on grab me if you see me!!!
    Smiles & here's to hittin' the road!!!

  4. I'll see you there! This will be my first time to ROundTop! I'll be at Zapp Hall, look for the gal with the vintage Airstream trailer!
    Hugs, Tricia