Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Page one of......

Ok so here I go. I am new to blogging and still trying to figure this whole thing out. There are so many inspirational and beautiful blogs out there, i'm jealous. So this will be the place that I share my story of the quest for the things I love. Rusty chippy peely sparkly blah blah blah...found objects. And hopefully along the way, if I am lucky, I will meet some awesome people and inspire, as I have been inspired by you. I have a ton of projects to do and ideas to bring to life. If only I could get the hubby to just drop everythinng and paint....for me. {SIGH}
Back to soon as I figure out how to add photos I will post some "before" pics. Now the "after" pics might take awhile I tend to um....say drift a little. So bare with me as I set out on this new journey in BLOGLAND.

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